June Reads!!

Even the avid reader that I am, I typically look forward to summer for all the amazing movies that are surely on the way.
(more than one this summer, a fabulous adaptation from novels – Serious! We get Me Before You, The Jungle Book, Through The Looking Glass. And that’s just what’s already been released!)

But this summer, the books are REALLY stepping it up too!! I can’t remember the last time I’ve had such a long reading list for brand new books so I thought I’d take the time share the books I’m most excited to read this month!Belle

Okay, so not ALL of them are June releases. I may be a little behind, but here they are, in no particular order!!

  • MOON MARK by Scarlett Dawn – Okay, so maybe there’s a little bit of an order because I am soooo excited for this novel! If you didn’t have a chance to read Cold Mark (originally released as a novella series, but now sold as a single book and currently on kindle unlimitedyou are missing out. This one is a stand alone though, and follows different characters so, you don’t have to read Cold Mark. FUN fact?? Amazon currently says Moon Mark will be featured on Kindle Unlimited as well! This one comes out toward the end of the month, but you can pre-order!!
  • GAME MASTER by Scarlett Dawn – Yeah, two reads from Mrs. Dawn this month. Go, ahead, jump up and down, don’t bother to contain your excitement. This one is actually part of the Skeleton Key series, which will feature 30 fantasy stories you’re sure to love! Game Master along with the rest of the series should be out June 15!
  • THIRD TIME’S A CHARM by Tara Brown – This one is already out! Actually it released a couple of weeks ago and is the third installment in the Crimson Cove series. I haven’t had a chance to pick it up just yet but I’m super excited to! This whole series is also on kindle unlimited if you haven’t started reading yet, it’s a fabulous YA mystery meets love series!
  • PUCK BUDDIES by Tara Brown – Puck Buddies is part of the Roommate series that is sure to be the perfect mix of hilarity that will make you giggle (and possibly snort) and romance that will have you swooning.It comes out June 25 and I am PUMPED to read this one!! Pre-order it here and get excited because it, too, will be on kindle unlimited! (honestly, I could be their spokeswoman because it’s like suddenly EVERYTHING awesome is on unlimited and I am dying happy).
  • GODS by Ednah Walters – This is an extention of the universe created in the Runes series that, if you haven’t read, is awesome. Norse Mythology, bad boys, magic… it has everything and the newest installment coming on June 14 is sure to be just as good!

Okay, I’ll stop there with just my top five of the month, but my actual reading list this month is about 15 books (if I don’t keep finding and adding new ones… which I totally will!) What can I say?

What are your favorite JUNE reads?? Anything awesome coming out that I’ve missed???


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