“Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.”

If any single quote sums up Amy A Bartol’s Premonition Series for me, it is this.


I’ve literally waited years to review this novel (and that’s not just my white girl shining through, it’s been actual years!) But any fan of Amy A Bartol knows that what she writes is worth the wait (and let’s be honest, she has nothing on some authors *ahem* G.R.R. Martin *ahem* as far as wait time goes).
And I mean it, Iniquity was so worth the wait.

You might be thinking, this book released more than a month ago… if you were so excited, why oh why, did it take so long to write this review? To be honest, I’ve needed the time to get over the major book hangover induced by the end of what is possibly my favorite series of all time – and OK, I had to do at least one re-read. Duh.

Iniquity starts right in the action, picking up where we left off in Incendiary and really doesn’t stop barreling forward until the whole thing comes to a close. I feel like there isn’t much I can say in a review (part of the reason it’s taken so long to write) because every little detail in Bartol’s work is so perfect that I’m hesitant to give away even the tiniest of spoilers. It’s something you really, really need to experience for yourself.
But I will say this, while the rest of the books in the series had a lot of help from supporting cast, in this one, the secondary characters (Buns, Brownie, and my favsie fav, Zephyr) that we love so much took a bit of a backseat. But that’s okay, because this wasn’t their story and in Iniquity Evie had to learn a lot about herself and some of that she had to do alone.

The past is revealed, old enemies uncovered, and a battle to end it all. You’ll be on the edge of your seat, biting your nails… but you may want to have the tissues on standby as well because I definitely spent the last quarter (at least) of the book crying for a variety of reasons. For all you out there concerned, there is a HEA. It may not be as traditional and I know now everyone liked it but I think the ending was a perfect conclusion to a wonderful journey. 


First Love – James Patterson



Axi Moore is a “good girl”. When Axi invites her best friend, Robinson–with whom she’s secretly in love–to come with her on a cross-country road trip, she’s finally breaking all the rules. But they soon find that, however far they run, they can’t escape the heartbreaking troubles that brought them together in the first place.
In this madcap adventure full of love and loss, Axi realizes that her romance with Robinson might not have the happy ending she was hoping for….


I was recently browsing through Books-a-Million and came across James Patterson’s First Love. The cover was so beautiful that I just had to pick it up. I know, I know we’re taught from birth not to judge a book by its cover but let’s get real, there’s a reason they make covers so pretty. And this one is especially pretty.
I read the first three or four pages in store and then I did something I don’t often find myself doing in this day and age of the kindle, I took the hard copy to the register and purchased the real-life book. Because, yes, I had fallen in love with it after only a couple of pages.
The rest of the novel, though not at all what I’d expected (honestly, I hadn’t even read a synopsis or ever heard of the book. I didn’t even know that James Patterson wrote stories about first loves for a YA audience – or any audience. I’d only ever known him for his other stuff, but had never read any of it.) blew me away.
Axi is a character that every girl can relate to. She’s unsure and hesitant and adventurous and confident. She’s shy and clever and scared to admit her feelings to the boy she loves. Her circumstance may have more bumps and twists than many a teenage girl experiences, but at her core, she is someone who is relatable. So much of her was me at sixteen and because of that it’s hard not to feel a since of kinship for this character and desperate will that everything works out for her.
Robinson is… He’s him. Charming, funny, attractive. He’s the boy that it was impossible not to crush on in high school and not because of his looks (though those certainly don’t hinder matters) but because he’s magnetic.
I can’t imagine two better to join on a road trip across America as they escape their realities for adventure.
I don’t often spend more than five or six dollars on a book and usually only purchase kindle editions. But like I said, I fell for this book after a mere three pages and it didn’t disappoint even once. It doesn’t matter your age, the story – the adventure, the crushing sadness, the love – makes this a wonderful read that I will forever recommend to anyone with ears to listen.


The Year of Falling in Love – Jessica Sorensen


Happy Release Day to Jessica Sorensen’s The Year of Falling in Love!!
I am so thrilled to be a part of this release, check out my review below and then go get your own copy! Seriously, you don’t want to miss this one! 
the year of falling in love NEW


Isabella Anders just found out Lynn and her dad want to send her to a reform school. But with the help of Grandma Stephy, Isa’s dad agrees to let her move in with her grandma.

Isa is more than relieved to be moving out. And after going on an unofficial date with Kyler, she wonders if maybe her life is starting to turn around. But then she discovers the truth about what really happened to her mother.

Not ready to fully accept that her mother is a murderer, Isa turns to Kai for help. Kai is more than willing to help, but to protect Isa, he keeps some of the more brutal details about her mother’s case to himself until he can find out more.

But when a mysterious blue car starts showing up everywhere, and Isa receives a threatening text message from an unknown caller, Kai realizes someone is dead set on destroying Isa. And he might not be able to protect her.


There’s something about Jessica Sorensen that I simply cannot get enough of. The way she writes, the characters… it doesn’t matter if it’s dystopian freaky vampires, fallen stars, contemporary love stories about best friends… or a whole library shelf load of other things, I will fall irrevocably into whatever world she creates and stay there until the book is devoured. The Year of Falling In Love is no exception to this. I fell in love with Isa in the first novel of the series and continued to do so in this one. Sorensen is proving herself skilled at more than just love and fantasy, she does an amazing job of building suspense and mystery in this series, something you do not want to miss! The only complaint I have is that while the suspense and relationship/character building was on pointe, this installment seemed to focus more on furthering along the plot dealing with Isa’s mother and the mystery surrounding Kai’s life than falling in love. In short, I’d hoped for more kissing. Don’t get me wrong, what we get is perfect, it just made me want more. Tons more! And Ermagerhd! That drama. I have so many questions that I MUST have answered. I’ve just read this and I’m already dying for the next Sunnyvale Novel to release!

Seriously, if you haven’t already got the copy on your kindle, but it here and do it now!