REVIEW Seth & Grayson – Jessica Sorensen

Seth & Grayson by Jessica Sorensen
Book Review

Seth. Callie’s best friend. The one who helped to pull her out of her shell. The one who helped her to understand her worth. The one who helped her work through her demons. How can one not love, and I mean love, Seth? We should all be so lucky to have a friend like him. Getting to read the details of his love story – that always remained mysterious in The Coincidence Series – is as much as catching fireflies on a summer night (unless you hate that, in which case insert something else you love).

Possibly my favorite thing about this is how much it intersects with the rest of the series. It’s so fun to read something Seth is going through and be able to recall what Callie was experiencing at the same time.

While we’ve known Seth for ages, Grayson has remained a bit of mystery to reader so getting his story was equally pleasant. I always wondered about him and wanted to know more, wanting him to play a larger role in Callie’s story, so I was thrilled getting to know him inside and out. I couldn’t imagine a better match for Seth. Grayson is just the kind of patient, encouraging, caring, guy that Seth needs, especially after all he’s been through.

Seth & Grayson is a wonderful story. It’s the right mix of romance and heartache and finding oneself that Jessica Sorensen always seems to nail! If you loved Seth before, you’ll love him even more after reading this!


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