Chase The Dark – Annette Marie Review


Chase The Dark is fresh and exciting and a paranormal sort of romance that no lovers of the genre should miss out on! I picked up the novel not sure what to expect, but intrigued nonetheless. A young keeper of peace, a steamy incubus, and a dangerous draconian? Yeah… sign me up please.
When I cracked open the pages, I have to admit I was a little (teensy, tiny) bit disappointed to see that it was third person. Most of what I read and love as of late tends to be in a first person point of view, so I was a little hesitant but read on to give the novel the chance it deserved. I needed to meet the two heroes at least. Sticking with this was one of the best reading decisions I’ve ever made.

Piper is one of the most determined heroines I’ve read about. So many want something, but few – if any, want anything as badly as Piper wants to be a Consul. She can be a little selfish sometimes and maybe a little judgmental too, but these traits make her real and believable. There are so many heroines that are perfect and define goody-two-shoes, so it’s refreshing to see someone acting like a more normal teenager. Because yes, teenagers and people in general have a tendency to occasionally be selfish. Piper isn’t whiney though. She doesn’t grow tried of fighting for her position, nor does she spend the entire novel complaining of her lot in life or crying over anything that’s happened. Not that she has much time. This is one heck of an action packed book. As a reader, I was barely able to catch my breath before my heart started racing again as new twist or turn occurred.

Lyre. I love Lyre. He is easily one of my favorite characters to fall into the roll of sidekick. He’s sexy but sweet. He’s loyal as they come. He’s rational. And he doesn’t beat around the bush. When Piper needs to man up, Lyre doesn’t hesitate to tell her as much. Our other leading male, Ash, is about as dangerous as they come. He remains fairly mysterious and we don’t understand many of his motives throughout the novel but it sure is fun to speculate. It’s clear that he wants to help and he, for some reason, is very protective of Piper. If only near death experience after near death experience fostered more romance… Still we may or may not get a few moments that will have you swooning.

This is certainly a wonderful start to the series and one you shouldn’t want to miss!


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