Jennifer L Armentrout’s The Return


OMG You Guys! You Guys!!! Seth is back and better than ever!!


In the Covenant Series, I’ll admit, I was a little wishy washy about Seth. I could never decide if I loved him or hated him. I guess it was a little bit of both. So when Jennifer Armentrout released this book, I jumped on the opportunity to to read more about Seth. And can I just say from the title page, I’m already in love.

“[The Return] contains a sexy, sexy, hot guy with mad skillz that will be described in swoon-inducing detail. “

That is first sentence of the disclaimer in the novel and if it doesn’t have the power to make you squeal in excitement of what’s to come… well, I seriously question you. From this point, before even reaching the first page, I knew I would love Seth. There would be no more wishy-washy, flipy-floppy feeling about the Apollyon. And when I started the first page, I was immediately giddier than a toddler in Disney World.

Seth is still Seth. He’s just as deadly and dangerous as you remember, but a lot more sexy to go along with it.

“He’d said my name like I was the monster under his bed, and I sort of liked that.”

His sense of humor and smartassed nature is still firmly intact too. And thank goodness because he simply would not be Seth is he wasn’t a total smartass, especially when confronting annoying people… or gods.

“The Sentinels in the room stared at me like I’d just pulled down my pants and shaken my junk in their faces.”

Who can argue with quotes like these?

But Seth isn’t just deadly, sarcastic, witty, full of interesting descriptions.  We get to see a softer side of Seth, one where we didn’t have to question his motivations for kind or caring acts. Getting into his head creates a connection with the character I never had before and one can’t help but feel for him. The life he’s living, as a slave to the gods is nothing stellar. The guilt he carries is palpable and still bears down on him. Though we caught glimpses in the Covenant Series, it seems as though in The Return we are actually getting to see the real Seth and not just the Apollyon.

Josephine is a girl after my own heart.

“I preferred to lollygag on an elliptical machine. Screw that hard, running- outside crap – that required effort.”

Honestly, its as if she took the words right from my mouth. The character is wonderful and is quickly becoming one of my favorite book heroines. She’s has realistic reactions – that’s one of the things that I so love about Jennifer Armentrout, even in unreal circumstances, the characters are as real as you and I. And they may freak out at life changing news, or they may not, but it never seems unreal. Josephine has a quiet sort of strength as she adjusts to knowledge that Greek gods are real as are Titans and the rest of the freaky shit from Greek Mythology.

Speaking of gods… Apollo is back too. – Does any more have to be said about that? Because the words “Apollo is back” should really communicate everything you need to know and expect. Apollo. The pain in the ass. The helpful. The sarcastic. The angry. He’s all here, along with a couple other favorites from the Covenant Series.

The story is quick paced and not boring for even a second. In fact it’s so exciting that I had to stop reading every few chapters for a couple minutes because I could just feel my blood pressure rising as I anxiously read every word. Yet, even with forced breaks between chapters, this book was still finished in a day. It’s impossible to drag it out to long because seriously, you’ll just want more and more Seth!



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