STOP! By Scarlett Dawn


Have you read The Cold Mark Saga yet?
This series of novellas is A-FREAKING-MAZING! I am so excited to be apart of the review team for Stop, the third installment in The Cold Mark Saga! 

For more information on the first 2 installments of this awesome series CLICK HERE



From New York Times bestselling author, Scarlett Dawn, comes the third installment in The Cold Mark Saga, Stop, where tipping points are reached and surprises lurk…

Braita Valorn is stuck. She has no real freedom, her existence dependent on what the men of Triaz decide. Her fate is not her own. But she desperately wants it to be and will do anything to make it so.

When a chance to make her own choices arises, she does what she must. Hard choices of theft end as a careless endeavor, leaving her life on the line. Will the men in her life come to stop her downfall or will they come for retribution?


I finished this novella all to quickly and actually shouted, “Noooooooo!”anigif_enhanced-buzz-31102-1419703954-4

Because yes, it was that good and now I have to wait until April to know what happens next! It was a sad moment for me.

We pick up right where Sink left off. Briata is staying with the Plumas of the East who she can’t help but find rather intriguing and Jackson has just communicated to her that he has an escape plan.

In Stop, I can’t help but to think of Briata as a kind of Helen of Troy. She was made for the Plumas of the West, sure, but the Plumas of the East grow rather attached to her and aren’t sure they want to give her up. Might even be willing to go to war over her. YEAH! The tension is palpable! You get all four Plumas in the room and there’s just a general air of “Shit’s about to go down!”

Of course, all this is going on and Briata is considering escaping with Jackson– Plumas be damned. Well, not really. She’s actually quite attached to all of them, but she doesn’t feel free with them and to her, freedom is most important.

Let me tell you, it’s a quick read and you will not be able to put this baby down. It’s so freaking damn good! The best in the series so far! I CANT WAIT FOR MORE! I just wanna read it again and again! So forreals ya’ll, go get this book, it is a must read!


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