Unraveling You – Jessica Sorensen *Review*

UnravelingYou_high (1)


**This is just the review, if you scroll down to my previous post, you’ll see the release day post which goes more in depth – with a synopsis & excerpt**

Unraveling You, by Jessica Sorensen is the story of Lyric Scott ( daughter of Ella & Micha) and Ayden Gregory (adopted son of Lila & Ethan). Let me tell you, just when you think there is no way Jessica Sorensen can top herself… she does. Each story gets better and better so that you can literally not drag yourself away from the book.

Lyric Scott is sweet and happy-go-lucky. In short, she’s many things her mom never was – benefits of being raised in a wealthy neighborhood by stable, loving parents I suppose. Yet it’s perfect, because in so many ways, she is like her mother. There’s the same protective streak, the need to stand up to the bully. But whereas Ella was very careful with her heart, Lyric simply isn’t. She’s the girl who is friends with practically everyone, because she is impossible not to like.

If Lyric is all things bright and happy, Ayden is all things dark. He’s quiet. He’s shy. He’s untrusting. But Lyric see something in him that she’s drawn to and it’s pretty obvious that once she has her mind set, it’s going to happen. So she and Ayden become unlikely friends. Best friends. Ayden actually reminds me a lot of his adoptive father, Ethan – something that is actually pointed out in the book. Just in his quiet manner and few words.

It’s easy to see from the start that these two have a connection and I love watching it grow from hesitant curiosity to tentative friendship to something… more. Unraveling You, is 199% worth the read. Yes, you get to see a little of their parents, Ella & Micha, Lila & Ethan, but the kids completely capture the attention. They draw you so fiercely into their unique story that you don’t spend any time wanting to catch up with the older folks.

Unraveling You is beautiful. Read it. Now. Seriously. Go.




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