The Seventh Day – Tara Brown


The Official Blurb

From the window I can see her.
She looks like she did yesterday.

Same Clothes.
Same Hair.

But today her face is calm, dead calm.
All their faces are dead calm until one of us makes a noise.

The noise wakes them and then it starts.
Their heads jerk to the right three times rapidly as they stand in the most awkward way.

That’s when we run.
That’s when we hide.

That’s how we stay alive until The Seventh Day!

Silence is survival!



The novel begins with Lou, a normal teenager. We start on the way to school. Lou is upset with her mother who is emotionally absent and pays little attention to either of her children. So Lou has to step up and watch out for her little sister. When they arrive at school a man is acting odd, standing in front of the elementary school. Just as her little sister, Joey opens the car door to get out, and the man moves in to attack. Lou pulls her sister away and slams the door shut just as his bloody hand hits the window.


Lou’s father, who is a military scientist, calls and tells Lou to prepare for the apocalypse since her mother isn’t able to- she’s kind of lost it since the incident at the elementary school. She needs to get supplies from the grocery store and board the house shut. Things go crazy pretty damn quickly. Lou picks up a couple little girls- her sisters friends who would otherwise be home alone. They see on the news that zombie like people have taken over the cities and when Lou looks out the window, she sees it’s hit her town too.

As things get worse, Lou no longer feels safe keeping herself and the girls in the house, so they pack up and drive out to the mountains to a cabin her family owns. There they should be relatively safe due to the lack of population.

tumblr_mfd2dggmVM1qitsi0o1_250(because you must have a Supernatural gif when discussing an apocalypse!)

I don’t want to give away much more of the plot because you will really just want to read this one! It keeps you on edge the entire time and is very fast moving. I was a little concerned about how well an apocalypse story would tell if it only took place over seven days. But I was silly to doubt Tara Brown’s ability because she did an amazing job with this! I loved it.

541565_733898593363710_1181491946309314700_nLou is great because she’s a regular girl. She’s not some badass, emotionless teenager, she is very much a normal teenage girl. She is terrified and hates that she has to be the strong one because she feels weak, but she forces herself to be strong for her sister and for everyone else who needs her to be. Her reaction to everything going on seemed very believable and I really appreciated that. It seems so often teenagers are written without the vulnerability and still very child-like nature of teenagers but this was done perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, I love my badass heroines, but Lou was unique and real and not so different from myself so I really loved her.

10650055_731145733638996_6606367287459883534_nKyle. From the Die Hard references to WOW, I really enjoyed Kyle’s character. He was just cocky enough to seem confident and appealing. He also admitted to fear though, something that a lot of heroes don’t do, so I liked that he was able to confess that he wasn’t fearless. Overall he’s one of the most charming heroes ever! You will not be disappointed! I definitely found a new book boyfriend. :]

The supporting cast was all great too. There were a lot of characters to introduce and get to know very quickly, but I felt like it was handled very well. I didn’t feel like any character was left without a personality of their own that made them stand out. I loved the sisters!

This is one to read. While it has similarities to her other series, Born, it’s very much a unique story and very fun to read. This is easily one of my favorite Tara Brown books. She does such a great job writing apocalypse/dystopian stories but not making them too dark.


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