The Probability of Violet & Luke – Jessica Sorensen


The Probability of Violet & Luke is even better than the first! Maybe it’s just me, but this novel moved at a quicker pace, had more action, more love… more everything!

The story begins where The Destiny of Violet and Luke left off and it’s not very pretty.

Violet is back with Preston and dealing and letting him use her and abuse her. Luke is drinking- even more than usual- and letting his demons get the better of him. They both want each other, but knowing what they know about Luke’s mother’s involvement in the murder of Violet’s parents… well, it’s not easy for them to be together.

A chance encounter brings them back together and the magnetism they feel toward one another keeps them together on an adventure – more like a mission to save Luke’s ass.

In the first of this series, I liked Violet ok, but I never really connected with her. It was weird because regardless the damage and crazy strange lives of characters I’ve always connected well, especially with Jessica Sorensen’s leads because she does such a wonderful job of writing them. In the first of Violet and Luke’s story I had trouble feeling very attached to Violet. But The Probability of Violet and Luke changed that. I don’t know what was different for me, but something – maybe the fact that Violet opened up a little more – allowed me to really connect with the character and thus root for her much more strongly in this novel.

Of course, I’ve been on Luke’s side since first meeting. I first admired him for his friendship to Kayden, and my love for him has only grown as I’ve read his story.

While The Probability was still dark, it seemed little lighter. There were a couple parts that made me smile or where jokes were cracked, I particularly enjoyed Luke’s cousin and uncle. That made a huge difference to me in how much I liked this versus The Destiny which seemed to not have a moment worth smiling about.

Overall I really loved this one! Of course there’s a cliffhanger… how could there not be? But good news for you if you’re reading this right now The Certainty of Violet & Luke comes out TOMORROW so no complaining about that cliffhanger! Just read the next one and find out if Violet and Luke get the happy ending they both soooooo deserve.


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