The Destiny of Violet & Luke – Jessica Sorensen

In honor of one of my very favorite authors, Jessica Sorensen’s, upcoming release of The Certainty of Violet and Luke (the third installment of Violet and Luke’s story and the 5th book in The Coincidence series) on September 16- yes, that’s 2 days, y’all! I decided to post reviews of the first two installments in Violet and Luke’s story! – I had already read these books prior to beginning this blog and so never posted my thoughts on them and decided now was the perfect, perfect time!

To today, I present The Destiny of Violet & Luke. Keep a lookout tomorrow for The Probability and on it’s release day I’ll post my review and tell you all how much I loved The Certainty of Violet & Luke!


The Callie & Kayden captured my heart in the Coincidence series in the same way that Ella and Micha did in the Forever series, so when I found out Luke – Kayden’s bff and one of the most interesting supporting characters I’ve ever read- was getting his own book I was thrilled. When I found out the female lead would be Violet, Callie’s mysterious roommate, I was even more intrigued.

Let me tell you, the story of Luke and Violet is worth the read. I don’t love super dark stories and this one doesn’t have a lot- if any- comic relief, so it took me longer to read than a lot of novels do, but I enjoyed it all the same.

From the first page questions we’ve had about Luke since first meeting him are answered as we get some of his backstory to help us better understand him. It’s heart wrenching to read what Luke went through as a seven year old and allows us as readers to see Luke through a different light than we may have before.
We get a bit of Violet’s backstory from the start as well and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make tear up to read about her experience in foster homes.

They meet in an unlikely way at a party and despite their reservations and all the walls they each have up, they seem to immediately have a sort of soft spot for one another. Luke is reminded of his sister, who committed suicide and Violet is surprised by his willingness to offer assistance when she needs it, but won’t admit she does.

I don’t want to go into anymore plot detail – you know I hate spoiling anything for anyone, so we’ll just focus on the characters now!

I’m going to start with Callie and Kayden. It was so great to see them through Luke and Violet’s eyes. I always enjoy when Authors make mains characters of one book secondary characters in another because I love getting to see how everyone really sees everyone. I also just loved getting more Callie and Kayden- because, come on! Who wouldn’t? Though we don’t get to see much of them, that’s fine since this isn’t their story, but we get to see enough that we know they’re still doing well.

Seth and Greyson actually play a decently sized role in this novel. Seth, as we recall from earlier books and Luke seemed to click together pretty quickly – initially bonding over their similar vice of smoking. But now we know that Luke parties a lot with Seth and Greyson- who BTW I just love! They’ve become close enough that they invite Luke to live with them when they find out he has nowhere else to live. Seth is… himself. He’s a little too blunt and a bit judgmental of Violet due mostly to how he perceived her treatment of Callie while they shared a dorm. Greyson is a bit more laid back and actually makes an effort to befriend Violet. He be my new favorite of this series.

Luke. Luke is withdrawn and dark, but even if he doesn’t always see it, he is good. Even if he doesn’t always want to, he cares and he’s a good friend and he’s good to Violet. Sure, he’s a bit rough around the edges, with a past like his, who wouldn’t be? But there’s so much more depth to him than he even likes to admit to.

Violet, in my opinion at least, is the most tortured soul that Jessica Sorensen has written about. Ella had her issues for sure, Callie has plenty of issues and so does Nova, but witnessing your parents murder and then being forced from horrible foster home to horrible foster home and then having to deal drugs for your ex-foster parent just to be able to attend college… yeah. She is definitely the most tragic character I think I’ve ever read about. But that didn’t stop me from loving her. She is strong and unique and has more capacity to love and be loved than she knows.

I’ll admit that the tension and reluctance between the two to actually admit they have something gets a little frustrating – but in a good way. The tension and heat builds and GAH we just want it to happen already! (Love it!)

This is the start of a beautiful story and if you haven’t read it yet, I definitely recommend that you do.


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