The End Of You- Tara Brown

The End of You -Tara

The End Of You is a novella by the amazing Tara Brown featured in the Seven Dirty Sins Collection! It’s also a part of Ms. Brown’s Single Lady Spy series! Totally worth the read if you have yet to check that out!

Evie Evans is a spy—she’s just not a very good one. Years of soccer mom duties have softened her in all the wrong places. But being thrust back into the spy world and forced to join an elite team of assassins has hardened her up in a hurry. When the team is sent to Dubai to stop a trafficking ring, she isn’t sure she can stomach the life she is being forced to live. Of course the affection from the sexy man in her life, Coop, her younger superior officer, should make it all just a little bit more bearable. But Evie isn’t a girl anymore. She’s a woman who’s smart enough to know her own heart. She just isn’t sure about the decisions it has been making as of late. One in particular.


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