I am heartbroken. Truly and irrevocably heart broken.

No, not because the book was too sad. Or because it was a disappointment or anything like that. Quite the opposite. This story was everything I ever wanted and dreamed and hoped that it would be. Maybe Definitely even more.

The problem was, a couple chapters into the book it hit me like a ton of bricks that this would be the last of the Lux novels. The pages until the end were officially numbered and somehow I would have to let go of the characters I fell in love with about 2 years ago. How am I expected to just get over a 2 year long love affair with this story in a matter of a few hundred pages?!

Let me tell you, I will be experiencing the worst book hangover after reading Opposition- a novel I can only describe as perfection. I cannot imagine a more perfect way to end the series. Jennifer Armentrout has not let her fans down!

So, Opposition picks up right where Origin left off and the action hits quick.

Jennifer Armentrout takes us one a wild ride from start to finish and elicits about every known emotion from readers- at least from me. Seriously, I was nervous and then confused and pissed and super creeped out (let’s just say some of the Arum are even creepier and crazier than we thought- and the Lux too for that matter) I laughed. I was relieved. I cried. Oh, how I cried. And in the end, I was content.

Katy has completely proven herself as a total badass. She can hang with the scariest of the creatures and hold her own in battle. She is not the little Kitten she once was. Daemon is still, like, my favorite book boyfriend ever. His love for Katy and his family is so clear throughout the novel and well, he is just perfect as per usual. Of course we get to see Beth and Dawson and Dee and all our favorites including Luc, Archer and the horrible Nancy Husher makes her appearance. Archer really stole the show for me. We get to know him pretty well in this one and everything he is, is lovable. (I certainly wouldn’t mind reading more about him)

To sum up. If you’re a fan of the series, you will love this! If you don’t know the series… shame on you (just kidding, but seriously, it’s one you want to know)- and seriously go buy book one and start reading- you may want to block out a few days of your time though because you are not going to want to put the series down from the moment you read the first sentence of Obsidian to the last of Opposition.



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