Scala. Christina Bauer. I think I’m in love.

Angelbound was great right? Right! You bet your sweet tooshie Anglebound was an amazing read! So, naturally I expected the same from Scala, book two in the series. Let’s just say I was not even a little disappointed.

So. Myla is officially the Great Scala now. Everything is as it should be… or is it?

Unfortunately Lucifer’s Orb is somewhere hidden in Purgatory and that means that the only moving of souls Myla can do is to send them straight to hell. Obviously, she refuses to do just that and demands the orb be found and removed to that purgatory can run as intended and she can do her job to the best of her ability.

All our favorite characters are back for book two. Myla’s mom and newly found father are both falling into a new routine, hoping to revive purgatory the the greatness it once was. Her friends are both involved in the politics of purgatory and are doing their best to help the Great Scala run Purgatory smoothly. Of Course Lady Adair is back and causing just as many horrible problems as always. And we have Prince Lincoln who is as wonderful as ever standing by the Great Scala.

If you loved Angelbound you’ll really, really love Scala.

Go read it, like now.


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