Messenger [Guardian Trilogy Prequel]



Somehow The Messenger by Laury Falter has managed to slip under my radar for several months. For this… I am eternally ashamed. The Guardian trilogy is one of my favorites and Maggie and Eran’s story is something that’s stayed with me since I began the first novel.

I was rereading The Guardian trilogy for the umpteenth time when I decided to visit Ms Falter’s website in hopes to finding that she was working on something new. Imagine my surprise when I found out something had already been published. That’s right Messenger is released for you to read immediately, so I no longer had to wallow in self-pity without my Maggie and Eran fix, instead I was allowed to read a part of their story that had yet to be fully divulged.

If you’ve ever picked up the Guardian Trilogy by Laury Falter then you’ve already fallen in love with Maggie and Eran and have simply no excuse not to read this prequel.

Messenger is the story of Eran and Maggie’s first life together. Though we got to see bits and pieces in the original series, learning the whole story is 100% worth it! We find out more secrets, fall in love with more characters and we get to know a slightly different side of Maggie. Yes, this story is set a long freaking time ago during the peasant wars in Germany, but it does not read or feel like a historical novel, so if that’s your excuse for not picking it up… let me just go ahead and blast idea that out of the water now. I am not a huge fan of historical fiction, but like I said this reads as an awesome paranormal romance that happens to take place long ago.

Though it’s a prequel and you could technically read it before starting the Guardian series, I suggest you don’t. First, go read the Guardian series. Get to know 21st century Maggie and get to love her and watch her fall in love with Eran and kick some fallen booty and then go back and read the very start of their story. For me, having already read the Guardian series and knowing how far the characters have come make reading the start of it all that much sweeter.

Laury Falter is one of the most skilled writers I’ve come across. She pulls you in with characters that are beautiful and perfectly flawed and though some of the circumstances of the novel may not be believable, the character always are. She never fails to create an amazing world and pull me in so hard that I can’t set the story aside for even a moment.

Let me tell you, you will not be disappointed! Forreals y’all, I don’t even have anything else to say. If you loved Eran & Maggie before you’ll love them even more now so do yourself a favor and pick this one up!


Fear Me Not [EVE Chronicles]

I know I told you all this would be a different book… but I also said I would post it on Friday… and I’m a few days past that. Sorry, I got busy and school and… well, such is life.

Anyway. I discovered this wonderful novel by Sara Wolf and encourage you to all discover it as well.

Fear Me Not follow Victoria [Vic] and her experiences at the first boarding school that will educate both human teens and Gutter [Alien] teens. The Gutters have been living on earth for eleven years now and have a very particular diet- human emotions. In order to feed off their emotions, select human volunteers have an organ implanted in them that will convert their emotions into something tangible that the Gutters can eat. All the humans at this boarding school are EVEs [the volunteers with the special organ] including Vic.

As you can imagine, not everyone is happy about mixing Gutters and humans together and people are even less happy when relationships [be it friendship or romantic] begin to form between the two groups.

Vic is an EVE to earn money so that her sister can be treated for her really bad asthma. Her driving force for staying at the school is that they’re giving her 100,000 dollars for being an EVE and she can’t afford to turn that down when it could save her sister. So she sucks it up… even if she hates the aliens.
Thing is… it’s not long before she finds out that the Gutters aren’t all that different from her, actually some of them are really cool.
Raine is Vic’s roommate. She’s a gutter and a model and she’e essentially Gutter royalty. It takes a while for Vic to warm up to her roommate but she soon finds that there’s more to Raine than what appears on the outside to be a shallow, fashion obsessed girl. I really liked Raine, but I wish- and this is something I feel about every character that isn’t Vic- I wish we got to know her better.
While the author dove into Victoria’s past and allowed up to know her very well, we only got small clues about the rest of the characters. While Vic was building relationships with Taj and Raine and Shadus she seemed to be getting closer to them and more emotionally involved, but we, as readers didn’t get to experience that as much as I would have liked.
Yes, Shadus introduces Vic to the Alien culture and parts that should be kept a secret, but I wish we had seen even more of the little things. I also wish we got to know him on a deeper level than we did.
My only other complaint is that there was one seemingly random POV change toward the end. This was totally fine and it actually was nice the only thing I didn’t like was that Sara Wolf didn’t let us know about the change and so suddenly we’re in a different POV and I spent half the chapter confused.

Though I could have used a little more secondary character development Sara Wolf does a great job of telling an intriguing story that leaves you wanting more and more. Her writing style is easy and fun to read and she is wonderful with dialogue. I can’t wait to read the next in the series and dive deeper into this world.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, this is definitely worth a read. :]



I am heartbroken. Truly and irrevocably heart broken.

No, not because the book was too sad. Or because it was a disappointment or anything like that. Quite the opposite. This story was everything I ever wanted and dreamed and hoped that it would be. Maybe Definitely even more.

The problem was, a couple chapters into the book it hit me like a ton of bricks that this would be the last of the Lux novels. The pages until the end were officially numbered and somehow I would have to let go of the characters I fell in love with about 2 years ago. How am I expected to just get over a 2 year long love affair with this story in a matter of a few hundred pages?!

Let me tell you, I will be experiencing the worst book hangover after reading Opposition- a novel I can only describe as perfection. I cannot imagine a more perfect way to end the series. Jennifer Armentrout has not let her fans down!

So, Opposition picks up right where Origin left off and the action hits quick.

Jennifer Armentrout takes us one a wild ride from start to finish and elicits about every known emotion from readers- at least from me. Seriously, I was nervous and then confused and pissed and super creeped out (let’s just say some of the Arum are even creepier and crazier than we thought- and the Lux too for that matter) I laughed. I was relieved. I cried. Oh, how I cried. And in the end, I was content.

Katy has completely proven herself as a total badass. She can hang with the scariest of the creatures and hold her own in battle. She is not the little Kitten she once was. Daemon is still, like, my favorite book boyfriend ever. His love for Katy and his family is so clear throughout the novel and well, he is just perfect as per usual. Of course we get to see Beth and Dawson and Dee and all our favorites including Luc, Archer and the horrible Nancy Husher makes her appearance. Archer really stole the show for me. We get to know him pretty well in this one and everything he is, is lovable. (I certainly wouldn’t mind reading more about him)

To sum up. If you’re a fan of the series, you will love this! If you don’t know the series… shame on you (just kidding, but seriously, it’s one you want to know)- and seriously go buy book one and start reading- you may want to block out a few days of your time though because you are not going to want to put the series down from the moment you read the first sentence of Obsidian to the last of Opposition.




Hey world!
I’m taking a full course load this semester as well as trying to focus a bit on my own writing, so I’m gonna be slowing down the posts to once a week instead of twice. Occasionally there will be more, but for now don’t expect any more than one posting a week.

This Friday I’ll be reviewing Opposition- the Lux novel we’ve all been waiting for! EHHHH I haven’t picked it up yet, but it was just released and you can bet that I’ll be starting it tonight (and probably finishing it around 3-4 in the morning)

And for next week I’ll be reviewing The Circle by K.M. Montemayor- I received a copy in exchange for a review, and the book is already out but I’m still thrilled to read it.





Scala. Christina Bauer. I think I’m in love.

Angelbound was great right? Right! You bet your sweet tooshie Anglebound was an amazing read! So, naturally I expected the same from Scala, book two in the series. Let’s just say I was not even a little disappointed.

So. Myla is officially the Great Scala now. Everything is as it should be… or is it?

Unfortunately Lucifer’s Orb is somewhere hidden in Purgatory and that means that the only moving of souls Myla can do is to send them straight to hell. Obviously, she refuses to do just that and demands the orb be found and removed to that purgatory can run as intended and she can do her job to the best of her ability.

All our favorite characters are back for book two. Myla’s mom and newly found father are both falling into a new routine, hoping to revive purgatory the the greatness it once was. Her friends are both involved in the politics of purgatory and are doing their best to help the Great Scala run Purgatory smoothly. Of Course Lady Adair is back and causing just as many horrible problems as always. And we have Prince Lincoln who is as wonderful as ever standing by the Great Scala.

If you loved Angelbound you’ll really, really love Scala.

Go read it, like now.