My Life With The Walter Boys


My Life With The Walter Boys is one of those books that I kept glance over and never actually reading. Simply put, I was a little skeptical about the plot and believability. I mean, a girl being shipped off to live with 12 boys seemed a little ridiculous. But then I gave the book a chance. I’m so glad I did.

I have fallen in love with Ali Novak and all her characters. (After reading this, I found her on wattpad and immediately read pretty much every single one of her unofficial/unpublished books- including the original draft of this book) She does such a good job, in my opinion of taking a somewhat outrageous plot and making it believable. Each of the boys is unique and has a their own quality and character to them.
I expected not to really get to know more than one or two of the Walter boys really well, but I ended the book feeling apart of the family. Ali Novak just did such a great job of submerging the reader into Jackie’s life.

This one also has a sequel that will eventually be published, so after you read it, keep a look out for the next installment in the life of the Walter boys.


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