So. I’ve been horrible and abandoned this for about a month. Shame on me.
I have a sort of excusable excuse I believe.
I’ve been working a lot on my own writing.

I would actually love love love love you forever if you wanted to swing by my wattpad page and read some of what I’ve written. I have three ongoing stories right now.


Ok, so now, shameless plug aside, here’s what I’ve got coming up in the near future!

Scarlett Dawn!
I’ve got a couple things coming up with this amazing author!
The first thing to look out for is the awesome cover reveal for King Tomb. Let me just say this will knock your freaking socks off! As if I wasn’t excited enough already for this book, I saw the cover and thought I was going to faint of excitement!
Second, I have received my ARC of Fall, her newest Novella will be released on August 5! I’ll be letting you know just how awesome it is very soon!

Ok, I’ve also got a heck of a lot of books to review. I’m going to try to stick to a goal of posting 2 a week. Maybe one on a busy week, but there will definitely be a weekly post.

That’s all for now! Look for another post by Tuesday!


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