Seeress by Ednah Walters

Book three in the Rune series was fantastic! Can I say the only thing I wanted more of was Echo- sorry Torin, I got nothin’ but love for ya’ but there’s just something about Echo I can’t get enough of. So… I wouldn’t be opposed to he and Cora getting another book of their own *hint*hint* Ms. Walters. :]

First let’s talk about that cover. WOW. This series has some of the most beautiful covers, I love it. I just freaking love it. Usually I like simple covers, preferably without people on them (I really like to allow the authors description alone to propel how I imagine the character and not the model they got for the cover) But that is totally not something I’m hung up on with this cover. Not at all.

So, Seeress begins right where we left off with Grimnirs- only we’re once again following Raine, though not to worry all our Grimnir favorites *ahem* Echo make an appearance. Raine is a Seeress- actually she’s kind of THE seeress, the one who’s supposed to be super powerful and predict the end of the world… the only problem: she’s who can’t see and with her trainer gone, she can’t do much of anything. That is until she finally get’s a vision… after that it’s safe to say shit hits fan.

I don’t want to get into it more than that because… I think spoilers… even little ones can take the magic out of reading and this is a magical story that you want to enjoy every moment of. The characters are charming, the story is great and I love that the author chose Norse Mythology for this series. So many choose to focus on Greek and occasionally Roman so it’s refreshing to focus on the Norse. Book 4 in this series is currently being written and I, for one will be anxiously awaiting it’s release!


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