The Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine

The first book I picked up by Chelsea Fine was Anew, book one of the Archers of Avalon Series. I blew through that series pretty quickly, loving every single moment of it and as soon as I finished, I picked up Sophie and Carter and fell in love all over again.
The thing about Chelsea Fine is that she creates characters that are so perfectly flawed and real. You connect with them, care for them and when the book ends, you miss them dearly, like you would a friend. And it’s not just the primary characters that are so easy to love, it’s everyone.
There are many wonderful, wonderful authors that write amazing books that I can’t put down, but Chelsea Fine has a way of creating characters that for me, is unparalleled.

The Best Kind of Broken is no exception.
Pixie is not perfect, she’s scared of getting close to anyone and she can’t forgive herself for something that happened a year ago and though tragedy haunts her and even at times suffocates her, she’s constantly making you smile with her quick wit and quirky personality. I love her.
Levi is hot and sexy and a complete pain in the ass, but there’s more to him than meets the eye. He’s in love with girl who he sure can only hate him, after all he blames himself for very tragedy that haunts her. I love him.
This book is their story and it is not one you want to miss. The way they navigate their issues and personal tragedies and honest to God love for one another is simply beautiful.

While I’m excited for the next book in the series, which will focus on two different characters, I really cannot imagine loving a pair as much as I love Pixie and Levi. (Though, let’s face it, I felt the same way about Sophie and Carter and Tristan and Scarlett.)


AHHHH! Eve Silver has freaking done it again!

Eve Silver’s first book in The Game series captured my attention in a way few books will. Rush featured Miki, who is a normal girl until the moment she shoves a little girl out of oncoming traffic. From that moment on her life is no longer her own. She’ll be pulled into something that everyone simply refers to as “The Game” though it’s not a game at all. She and a team of four others are fighting aliens to the death on missions that no one will ever know about.

If you haven’t read Rush, you should stop right here right now… because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

At the end of Rush we find out the life changing news that Jackson is the reason Miki was pulled into the game. What?! I know… right. But we still love him. Of course we don’t get the chance to say that before we’re all separated for another mission. And this time Miki is the team leader and Jackson is nowhere to be seen.
Until of course Miki is almost hit by the Drau (bad aliens) and Jackson jumps in front of it to save her.

So. Push picks up right where Rush left off and let me tell you… it does not disappoint.
Miki and Luca return from their mission to the pizza slice but Jackson is nowhere to be seen!
Annnnnnd that’s all I’m going to give away from the plot because seriously this is too gosh darn good to give away any details. Just know. There’s lots of badass kicking alien butt and a few times where you want to kick Jackson’s.
All our favorite characters are back. Luca has backed off a bit. He’s more flirty and jokey and less territorial over Miki. But I am  a-ok with it because this book has enough that it does not need a silly love triangle.

Jackson is still the rough around the edges over protective slight asshole who can also be really freakin sweet and caring that we fell in love with in the first novel. And Miki… well, she sort of grows a pair. She had a couple meltdowns but they seemed like completely rational behavior for anyone in her position so it wasn’t to the point of annoyance.

There were so many points while reading this novel that I got too stressed out for the characters that I just had to put the book down and walk away for a minute. Of course I always ended up picking it right back up because I just HAD to know what was going to happen.
I was so into this book that when I reached the last page and swiped on my kindle to the next I literally cried out “NO!” when i discovered there was no next chapter. It was a really emotional and heartbreaking moment to me to realize that I finished this book and have another year’s wait before I know how the story will conclude in Crash- is that not a foreboding title or what? (But don’t worry, I am like 100% positive it will be worth the wait!)

Sooooo. Go buy Rush and Push now because you really will not regret it!



Seeress by Ednah Walters

Book three in the Rune series was fantastic! Can I say the only thing I wanted more of was Echo- sorry Torin, I got nothin’ but love for ya’ but there’s just something about Echo I can’t get enough of. So… I wouldn’t be opposed to he and Cora getting another book of their own *hint*hint* Ms. Walters. :]

First let’s talk about that cover. WOW. This series has some of the most beautiful covers, I love it. I just freaking love it. Usually I like simple covers, preferably without people on them (I really like to allow the authors description alone to propel how I imagine the character and not the model they got for the cover) But that is totally not something I’m hung up on with this cover. Not at all.

So, Seeress begins right where we left off with Grimnirs- only we’re once again following Raine, though not to worry all our Grimnir favorites *ahem* Echo make an appearance. Raine is a Seeress- actually she’s kind of THE seeress, the one who’s supposed to be super powerful and predict the end of the world… the only problem: she’s who can’t see and with her trainer gone, she can’t do much of anything. That is until she finally get’s a vision… after that it’s safe to say shit hits fan.

I don’t want to get into it more than that because… I think spoilers… even little ones can take the magic out of reading and this is a magical story that you want to enjoy every moment of. The characters are charming, the story is great and I love that the author chose Norse Mythology for this series. So many choose to focus on Greek and occasionally Roman so it’s refreshing to focus on the Norse. Book 4 in this series is currently being written and I, for one will be anxiously awaiting it’s release!