Broken Skies


Simply put: this is a fabulous read!
I loved every second of this book and honestly there wasn’t a character I didn’t love (or love to hate).
Broken Skies takes place 30 years after the collapse of humanity and 10 years after aliens arrived.
Though they managed to live in relative peace, everything changes when Jace is taken by the aliens leaving Jax (his twin and our heroine) to rely on the help of an alien that was stranded if she ever wants to see her brother again.
What I loved about this was that there isn’t just one villain. We aren’t rooting for the humans but we aren’t rooting for the aliens either. Both sides have good and evil so choosing one is nearly impossible and we are left to root for our heroine and her friends.
The interaction between Jax and Lir is practically perfect. You can feel the tense alliance building into a friendship and then more. The dialogue is great, Lir begins very formal-very much an untrusting soldier but relaxes as he gets more comfortable with Jax.
All the supporting characters are great too, I loved that Emily wasn’t as air-headed as she seemed. It was impossible not like Flint and Rym and Peter. Dane and Vitrad were excellent villains.
This is a must read! It left me wanting so much more and I can’t wait until I get to read more!
The sequel should be out this fall so you have plenty of time to catch up! 🙂


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