Defiance Rising


I have a new crush… and his name is Bastien.

Honestly. Bastien makes the book worth a read.
The story is decent– A girl who didn’t think she was special is the key to saving the world… it’s been done before, but I do love my cliches and even if the plot has been remained several times over I still found myself thoroughly enjoying Amy Miles’ story. The world the author created has some holes, but nothing that really bothered me… though I did often find myself wondering what city they were near. I figured with the subways and mountains it’s probably a large east coastish city…? Maybe. But they never discussed what the city was called before aliens attacked. (Not a huge deal, but I do wish we had known)
Illyria. Love her name. Like her. The only thing I didn’t care for was how quickly she changed. In the first couple chapters our heroine was a sarcastic hard ass but pretty quickly it seemed like she went soft and emotional. The only thing I didn’t understand was the bit of a love triangle. Which brings me to Eamon who I frankly couldn’t stand.
He kept saying he wanted to protect Illyria but it seems more like he wanted to control her. He wanted her… but he wanted to change her, he wanted to mold her into what he thought she should be. Because of that I was constantly annoyed by him. I also don’t understand why she gave a relationship with him a try when she obviously didn’t feel anything for him but friendship.
Like I said. Bastien made the book worth it. He’s cocky and sarcastic and his love for Illyria is pure and real. I hate that he constantly is the one sacrificing his feelings for the greater good. I wish he would fight more for Illyria, but I understand why he doesn’t or thinks he shouldn’t.

Overall… I loved the book. I’ll be reading the next and next, excited to see how Illyria’s story unravels.


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