Between classes, a sick baby, being sick myself and my computers charger breaking (yeah, and the nearest Best Buy is 1 1/2 hours away and my only closer option- Walmart doesn’t sell Macbook chargers. LAME. So I was without a computer for a while there!) It honestly felt like I was never going to get back here!
Sure, I love reading the books. But I really enjoy telling people about them- and even though like maybe one person ever reads these posts this is at least the illusion of telling people about them. Because let’s face it, my husband gets really sick of having very in depth conversations about books and characters and motivations with me. Especially considering he never reads the books. I don’t blame him. Vampires and Witches and… you know all fantasy/paranormal romance… doesn’t really hold a lot of appeal to those with a Y-Chromosome.

So this post isn’t reviewing or talking about a book. Sorry. It’s about how nice it feels to get back in the swing of things and actually post some reviews. I still have like 3 more to catch up on… and that doesn’t count my TBR list.


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