A Demons Wrath (Part one and two)

A while back, I spent too much money and couldn’t afford a new book. Yes, even the $0.99 ones. It’s pathetic. But not the point.
I decided to reread Sarra Cannon’s Peachville High Demons series. I loved it the first time and the second… and yeah. I still loved it the third time. Only this time when I finished and felt that same since of loneliness that always takes over after I finish a great series I went to look and see if Sarra had written anything else I might try.
Imagine my surprise/excitment when I discovered she wrote two novella’s from Jackson’s point of view! Yeah, I felt real dumb for not having known about this sooner.

So A Demon’s Wrath begins present day. The whole gang from Peachville is celebrating Halloween and a few months of normalcy since destroying Priestess Winters. But Jackson’s not really in a party mood, because he has something far more important on his mind.

“In order to move toward my future, I knew I would have to face my past. If Harper was to ever really understand me, she would have to also understand my greatest triumphs and my darkest secrets.”

Jackson wants to tell Harper his darkest secrets and lowest points– no, more than that, he wants to share the memories with her. He feels she deserves to know all the bad he believes is inside him before they can move forward and create a life together. So we flashback to around hundred years in the past.

A Demons Wrath bounces from the past to a present a few times, mostly focusing on the fifty years between his brothers disappearance and when he comes to Peachville.
I loved hearing his past, learning of his relationship with his brother and how close they were. We find out exactly what happened between Jackson and Lea and how the resistance and The Underground came to be.

I only loved Jackson before, but after reading from his POV I love him even more. He might just be my favorite book boyfriend of all time. (I also am allowed to have more than one favorite.)

Mostly, I am just thrilled this isn’t the last we’ve heard of all these characters. Emerald Darkness should be coming out this spring and we’ll get to see how the rest of the story plays out. Excuse me while I do a little happy dance!


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