Finally Catching Up! And to start us off…..Angelbound!

Christina Bauer blew my socks off with this book!

I mean, seriously! I loved it.
So… where to start? The story? Sure.

So, to be totally honest, I’d seen the book before on my kindle “recommended list” but always blew by it. I didn’t totally love the cover, most because the girl on it has a tail and I thought that would be silly. (PS… I was wrong!)
When I finally decided to click on it and see what Angelbound was all about, I knew I had to give it a try and within the first paragraph, I was hooked.

The setting is Purgatory a place that used to be run by Quasi’s until they were overthrown by Gouhls and Demons. Since then, all Quasi-demons (a mostly human, partially demon race) have been forced into slavery.
Myla, a teenage Quasi and our heroine is trying to balance dealing with her crazy-overprotective mom, her love for fighting in the arena and dealing with more normal teenage stuff… you know, like, high school.
Things start to change when Myla catches the eye of both the mysterious Queen of Angels and the scheming King of Hell. Then the Thrax (part angel demon hunters) visit Purgatory and Myla’s life is turned upside down.
Then shit hits the fan… I really don’t want to go into anymore plot detail because it’s all too good to give away!

I love my heroines kickass and cocky. Myla is definitely both of those things. She’s essentially a gladiator… only she battles human souls to decide their fate and she’s the best at what she does. Seriously, even the scariest souls don’t offer much of a challenge to her.
Who does offer a challenge? Lincoln. Sure he’s like the hottest thing she’s ever seen and the only guy she’s ever felt attracted to, but the Prince of the Thrax is a complete jerk. A jerk that we totally grow to love.
The supporting characters are all great. The only one I didn’t love was her best friend. She was just a bit condescending and self absorbed so she didn’t act as a great friend for most of the novel.

The world Christina Bauer created is complicated, but she does an amazing job at making sure that we, as readers, aren’t left confused with how it all fits together.

Pretty much, if you like your story well crafted, your heroines kick ass, your hero’s super hot and your action nail biting this is the book for you. In other words. This is the book for you. Period.

Scala, the sequel to Angelbound comes out this May. You can go ahead and preorder it now!


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