Defiance Rising


I have a new crush… and his name is Bastien.

Honestly. Bastien makes the book worth a read.
The story is decent– A girl who didn’t think she was special is the key to saving the world… it’s been done before, but I do love my cliches and even if the plot has been remained several times over I still found myself thoroughly enjoying Amy Miles’ story. The world the author created has some holes, but nothing that really bothered me… though I did often find myself wondering what city they were near. I figured with the subways and mountains it’s probably a large east coastish city…? Maybe. But they never discussed what the city was called before aliens attacked. (Not a huge deal, but I do wish we had known)
Illyria. Love her name. Like her. The only thing I didn’t care for was how quickly she changed. In the first couple chapters our heroine was a sarcastic hard ass but pretty quickly it seemed like she went soft and emotional. The only thing I didn’t understand was the bit of a love triangle. Which brings me to Eamon who I frankly couldn’t stand.
He kept saying he wanted to protect Illyria but it seems more like he wanted to control her. He wanted her… but he wanted to change her, he wanted to mold her into what he thought she should be. Because of that I was constantly annoyed by him. I also don’t understand why she gave a relationship with him a try when she obviously didn’t feel anything for him but friendship.
Like I said. Bastien made the book worth it. He’s cocky and sarcastic and his love for Illyria is pure and real. I hate that he constantly is the one sacrificing his feelings for the greater good. I wish he would fight more for Illyria, but I understand why he doesn’t or thinks he shouldn’t.

Overall… I loved the book. I’ll be reading the next and next, excited to see how Illyria’s story unravels.



Between classes, a sick baby, being sick myself and my computers charger breaking (yeah, and the nearest Best Buy is 1 1/2 hours away and my only closer option- Walmart doesn’t sell Macbook chargers. LAME. So I was without a computer for a while there!) It honestly felt like I was never going to get back here!
Sure, I love reading the books. But I really enjoy telling people about them- and even though like maybe one person ever reads these posts this is at least the illusion of telling people about them. Because let’s face it, my husband gets really sick of having very in depth conversations about books and characters and motivations with me. Especially considering he never reads the books. I don’t blame him. Vampires and Witches and… you know all fantasy/paranormal romance… doesn’t really hold a lot of appeal to those with a Y-Chromosome.

So this post isn’t reviewing or talking about a book. Sorry. It’s about how nice it feels to get back in the swing of things and actually post some reviews. I still have like 3 more to catch up on… and that doesn’t count my TBR list.


A Demons Wrath (Part one and two)

A while back, I spent too much money and couldn’t afford a new book. Yes, even the $0.99 ones. It’s pathetic. But not the point.
I decided to reread Sarra Cannon’s Peachville High Demons series. I loved it the first time and the second… and yeah. I still loved it the third time. Only this time when I finished and felt that same since of loneliness that always takes over after I finish a great series I went to look and see if Sarra had written anything else I might try.
Imagine my surprise/excitment when I discovered she wrote two novella’s from Jackson’s point of view! Yeah, I felt real dumb for not having known about this sooner.

So A Demon’s Wrath begins present day. The whole gang from Peachville is celebrating Halloween and a few months of normalcy since destroying Priestess Winters. But Jackson’s not really in a party mood, because he has something far more important on his mind.

“In order to move toward my future, I knew I would have to face my past. If Harper was to ever really understand me, she would have to also understand my greatest triumphs and my darkest secrets.”

Jackson wants to tell Harper his darkest secrets and lowest points– no, more than that, he wants to share the memories with her. He feels she deserves to know all the bad he believes is inside him before they can move forward and create a life together. So we flashback to around hundred years in the past.

A Demons Wrath bounces from the past to a present a few times, mostly focusing on the fifty years between his brothers disappearance and when he comes to Peachville.
I loved hearing his past, learning of his relationship with his brother and how close they were. We find out exactly what happened between Jackson and Lea and how the resistance and The Underground came to be.

I only loved Jackson before, but after reading from his POV I love him even more. He might just be my favorite book boyfriend of all time. (I also am allowed to have more than one favorite.)

Mostly, I am just thrilled this isn’t the last we’ve heard of all these characters. Emerald Darkness should be coming out this spring and we’ll get to see how the rest of the story plays out. Excuse me while I do a little happy dance!


Ungifted (Supernaturals Book 2)

Chameleon captured my heart. I fell in love with all the characters. Felt the heartbreak and the love and everything right along with them. So to be totally honest, when I first realized Ungifted would be focusing on a different group of people I was disappointed.
Chyea. That’s lasted for about two sentences into the book. (If that.)
How silly I was to doubt Kelly Oram. I shall hope to avoid making the same mistake in the future. Trust the authors that I love and they shan’t lead me astray.

Ungifted picks up where Chameleon left off, but instead of Dani, we meet Grace. A sweet but extremely accident prone girl who happens to be the spitting image of Dani. I liked Grace from the start. She was a bit emotional, but that get’s explained and knowing there was a reason for why she acted the way she did made it ok. Interesting even, since it adds so much to the story.
Like I said, Grace is constantly getting herself in some trouble or accident, and as a damsel in distress she obviously needs her knight in shining armor.
Except that her knight, Ethan happens to hate her guts. And she feels the same, which is totally justifiable because Ethan can downright be a pompous ass most of the time.
So Grace, a human is thrust into the world of the supernatural. Her “Knight” is part Angel, her best friend (and her brothers) are werewolves, she’s being stalked by a crazy vampire and ends up hanging with a warlock too. To say her world is turned upside down is a bit of an understatement. But she rolls with it pretty well.
I really loved every supporting character. Cynthia, the BFF is awesome. She cares and is a bit protective of Grace but she’s fun too. Cynthia has a bunch of brothers and while we don’t really get to know all of them, Caleb and Preston are both very present. I could honestly take or leave Caleb, but I really loved Preston.
He cared about Grace in a unique way, a more pure way than the others. Not because he was told to by his father, or she resembles a girl he’s loved or because of some supernatural bond. No, Preston just liked her. He was good for her- which is really frustrating and sad and horrible when you get through the novel. (I don’t want to say anything less vague than that so that I don’t spoil it.)
Though we don’t get to see Dani or Gabriel, some my other faves do make an appearance. Russ meets Grace and her friends and Duncan makes an appearance-totally have love for Duncan!

The one thing I’ve seen a lot of other reviews complain about is all the different “love angles” that were present in this book. I even read one that called Grace a slut because she kissed more than one guy in the book… silly.
I honestly wasn’t bothered by it because I didn’t think it was very prominent. At least not to Grace, maybe a bunch of guys were vying for her attention but she wasn’t really that torn.
Caleb made her uncomfortable and she seemed to barely tolerate him. Andrew was stalking her and while she pitied and felt guilt, she never had feelings for him.  Ethan wasn’t even a thought to her, even if Cynthia totally thought he was in love with her.
That really just left a bit of a crush on Russ, one that she knew would never work out because he’s still irreparably in love with Dani and Preston who she harbored a crush for.
Anyway… the point is. I didn’t think there was really a love triangle or pentagon going on.

Of course, I’ve totally ended the novel Team Ethan… and you’ll see why once you read it.

So go ahead and do so. :]


Soul of Flame (Imdalind Series Book Four)


I felt like I waited so long for this book!
Maybe all that waiting left me expecting too much. Maybe I was just expecting something a little different. Either way, I was a little disappointed with the Imdalind series most recent installment.
Hey! I know, I didn’t want to say it. Heck, I didn’t even want to think it. But I had hoped for more. (I feel a little blasphemous, honestly. Like I’m betraying one of my favorite series)
Let me start by talking about the positives.
All the characters I love are there. If at all possible, I fell even more in love with Ilyan. He’s just so heartfelt and sweet and perfect and… a whole lot of other adjectives that would take up pages.
How can you not love him? Exactly. It’s impossible.
This book really took place over just a few days, which was different but there definitely weren’t too many lulls. I can’t say I was ever bored with what I was reading. I actually really took my time reading this one. Savoring it.
The problem I had was the plot development… or lack thereof. The focus of this book was building up to this huge battle we’ve been anticipating for so long. But there just wasn’t a lot of movement or growth.
Joclyn spends so much time afraid and still living the terrors Cail created while she was trapped in his mind. I tried not to get too sick of it, because it makes total sense. If I was living in a nightmare that long, I doubt I would have handled it as well as she did. I don’t expect her to just get over it in a few days. That’s part of why I wish the book had taken place over a longer expanse of time, to give her time to get back to some semblance of normal. Because, it felt like every scene she was still terrified and experiencing a sort of PTSD.

All that said. I was happy with the book, just in comparison to the first three in the series… it wasn’t as amazing. Still, I can’t wait for more and I would recommend this book and the series to any and everyone.


Finally Catching Up! And to start us off…..Angelbound!

Christina Bauer blew my socks off with this book!

I mean, seriously! I loved it.
So… where to start? The story? Sure.

So, to be totally honest, I’d seen the book before on my kindle “recommended list” but always blew by it. I didn’t totally love the cover, most because the girl on it has a tail and I thought that would be silly. (PS… I was wrong!)
When I finally decided to click on it and see what Angelbound was all about, I knew I had to give it a try and within the first paragraph, I was hooked.

The setting is Purgatory a place that used to be run by Quasi’s until they were overthrown by Gouhls and Demons. Since then, all Quasi-demons (a mostly human, partially demon race) have been forced into slavery.
Myla, a teenage Quasi and our heroine is trying to balance dealing with her crazy-overprotective mom, her love for fighting in the arena and dealing with more normal teenage stuff… you know, like, high school.
Things start to change when Myla catches the eye of both the mysterious Queen of Angels and the scheming King of Hell. Then the Thrax (part angel demon hunters) visit Purgatory and Myla’s life is turned upside down.
Then shit hits the fan… I really don’t want to go into anymore plot detail because it’s all too good to give away!

I love my heroines kickass and cocky. Myla is definitely both of those things. She’s essentially a gladiator… only she battles human souls to decide their fate and she’s the best at what she does. Seriously, even the scariest souls don’t offer much of a challenge to her.
Who does offer a challenge? Lincoln. Sure he’s like the hottest thing she’s ever seen and the only guy she’s ever felt attracted to, but the Prince of the Thrax is a complete jerk. A jerk that we totally grow to love.
The supporting characters are all great. The only one I didn’t love was her best friend. She was just a bit condescending and self absorbed so she didn’t act as a great friend for most of the novel.

The world Christina Bauer created is complicated, but she does an amazing job at making sure that we, as readers, aren’t left confused with how it all fits together.

Pretty much, if you like your story well crafted, your heroines kick ass, your hero’s super hot and your action nail biting this is the book for you. In other words. This is the book for you. Period.

Scala, the sequel to Angelbound comes out this May. You can go ahead and preorder it now!