Chasing Angel

I don’t know how I missed this one!

I love the series, I’ve been anticipating it’s finale like crazy but somehow it’s release slid under my radar. I’m going to go with temporary insanity on this one.

So… however, delayed I have finally read it. And I loved it!
I love that Angel isn’t oh-so self-sacrificing. A lot of heroines are, and that’s fine but it gets a little old when heroine after heroine keeps trying to find someway to sacrifice her life for everyone else… it’s like they don’t even want to try for better alternative. So Angel is refreshing in this novel because she can be a little selfish, she recognizes it and she’s ok with it. And you know what? It is ok, she’s a teenager, that kind of the time in your life when it’s really ok to be a little selfish.
So let’s all give cuddos to Angel for at least looking for ways to fix the problem without ending her life.

Chase is just as hot as ever! I really love him, definitely one of my favorite book boyfriends of all time. It’s weird, right? Because I’m independent and hate bossy and possessive men in the real world, but they’re my favorites as book boyfriends.

The story isn’t lacking. We get plenty of interaction between all our favorite characters and thanks to reading this book I no longer have nice long nails. They’ve all been chewed down to the skin from how stressed out this book had me- in a good way, of course!