Ok… I’m behind. Like way behind.
See I got into Fringe and then I had to refresh on Veronica Mars (only like 1.5 months til the movie!)

So I took a couple weeks off reading. I know. Crazy (yeah, with a capital C).

But when I went back to look for any new books I realized Quinn Loftis’ Sequel to Elfin has been released.

Rapture is terrific! I love how Cassie and Trik’s relationship has grown and how their doing entering these new roles. Ahh, wonderful! But the characters who stole this book are Elora and Cush.

I seriously can’t get enough of them! I might even like them more than Trik and Cassie. Well maybe equal to. 🙂

This book is great! I had to keep telling myself to put it down because I wanted to savor it all!


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