King Cave Review



Ahh King Cave.
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely… Just kidding…. Kind of.
If I could write sonnets, there’s a very good chance I would write some for this book because that’s how in love with it I am.                                                                                                     .

 I began reading my copy in the evening. I started off telling myself I’ll only read a couple chapters tonight and pick it up again tomorrow. Psh! Yeah, right! At 3:30 my husband had to get up for work and told me I was crazy for still reading. (Whatever, if it’s ok for him to stay up all night playing a new video game, it’s ok for me to stay up all night reading ;])

Book two of the Forever Evermore series begins right where King Hall left off, in the middle of an attack. Pearl and Jack have just lost their mates and passed out while Ezra and Lily do what they can to defend themselves and the lives of their best friends. Everyone is able to pull it together to get themselves and as many other Mys people as they can to the safety of King Cave.
Once they arrive at King Cave the pace of the book slows down a bit, but we aren’t left feeling bored for even a moment. Between awkward moments with the kings and elders, trying to avoid while also preparing for a war, and a budding romance I wasn’t bored for even a paragraph.
Scarlett Dawn has some of the wittiest, most hilarious, swoon worthy (and a million other adjectives) dialogue and characters ever. I love it all. LOVE.

I love Lily and in this book she’s really grown into her role as Shifter Prodigy and seems more confident in herself and the decisions she makes.
Now, on to my favorite.
Ezra, duh! I was fool, such a fool. I ended King Hall thinking there was no way to love Ezra more and I could not be more wrong.
Really, Mrs. Dawn, are you trying to put all boyfriends/husbands out there to shame? 
Ezra really opens up and makes himself vulnerable in a way that wasn’t expected and was completely swoon-worthy. But I promise, he didn’t go all soft on us, he still just a cocky and snarky and completely bad ass as ever.
I could go on all day about Ezra, but for the sake of time I won’t. Instead I’ll go on to one of my new favorites, his daddy. In King Hall, I thought Cahal seemed stiff and snobby and of course scary but we get to know him much better in King Cave and he’s become one of my favorite characters. He’s still tough and scary but you see throughout most of the book that he loves his family and will do nearly anything for his son. And I like to think that despite his best efforts, Lily is kind of growing on him.

There were quiet a few surprises in King Cave and some were really awesome others were very upsetting—like yank my hair out want to throw my phone (which is what I read on) across the room upsetting! But I loved where the story went and the direction that Mrs. Dawn has taken. It’s new and interesting and definitely makes me anxious for the next one.

Please be warned, I cried almost as much as I laughed. Part of that is because I’m kind of a crybaby and I cry at sweet things and sad things, but it’s also because this book has completely heart-wrenching moments.

In short, King Cave has it all.
Kick-ass heroin? Check.
Hot, snarky vamp? Check.
Kinky shifter sex? Check.
Laugh out loud, romantic and heart wrenching scenes? Check, check, and check.

So the big question is why haven’t you preordered you’re copy yet? Go do it now! And then, set aside an entire day that you can devote to reading King Cave because you won’t want to put it down for even a second!

Now excuse me while I read my copy… again. :]

Here are the preorder links:
Barnes & Noble


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