First Kiss


Read the blurb from Amazon. This book is great. 

Be prepared to be wowed as this YA fairytale takes on forms you can’t even imagine and pulls you into the roughest ride yet from the bizarre imagination of Tara Brown!

Erralynn Lake is not your average girl.
She has talent, beauty, a kind nature, and a sweet disposition.
But that’s not who Erralynn Lake is.
Who she is can be summed up in one word-cursed.
The Lake’s of Lakeland are not only famous for founding the small town, but also killing off any man who would dare love them.
When summer break hits and the town starts to fill with all the returning friends who had left for college, she believes it will be a great summer vacation. One filled with the possibility of love, even if it is at a distance.
But she couldn’t be more wrong.
Because as the unlikely cold wind blew into town, it brought with it something wicked.
I’ll admit, it seemed maybe a little silly to me at first, but I really loved Tara Brown’s Born Trilogy so I decided to give First Kiss a chance. I am so glad I did. 
This book is great and fantastic and a totally fun read. It’s a roller coaster of emotions trying to figure out who is good or evil and what the heck is really happening. Needless to say, I spent most of the book somewhere between mildly and completely confused… but I loved it.
I really, really enjoyed reading this (possibly more than the Born Trilogy… so a lot!!!) and would recommend it to anyone. 
So now I have one more sequel that I’m completely impatiently waiting for. I can’t wait to see where the rest of this series goes and what other fairytales we may see Tara Brown pay homage to. 

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