Sentinel (The Covenant Series)

If you haven’t picked up the Covenant Series by Jennifer Armentrout, you’re missing out. Like major! And hey, if you start now you can read all the books back to back and not experience the excruciating wait between books. If you haven’t read up until now, you shouldn’t read this, I don’t want to spoil the first 6 books for you. 

Last we saw Alex she was getting the ever-loving crap beaten out of her and then getting her ass saved by Apollo and his son on Mt Olympus. So Sentinel begins pretty much right where Apollyon left off. There’s a lot of action (I don’t mean all fight scene, though there’s plenty of that. But a lot happens throughout this book.) and I honestly can’t remember a dull moment. 
Aiden is a huge part of this book, because how could he not be? I still love him, again, how could I not? What I really love though is that the relationship between Alex and Aiden has really seemed to mature. They have a mutual respect and adoration for each other and seem to have less childish or selfish motives between them. 
All our favorites are back, but since the story moves at kind of a fast pace, we don’t get to see too much of Deacon and Alex’s uncle or rest of their friends. If I’m being honest, I missed them, but I didn’t feel like their lack of scenes took away from the book. Seth is back too and claiming to be a changed man. I love Seth, he has major issues and I never thought he was right for Alex, but he’s a great character and he definitely had a chance to prove himself in this novel. 
Overall, it was a great addition to series and I thought, a great way to end it. We’ve all read series that we love the whole way through and then the last book, or even just the last couple chapters ruin everything. Jennifer Armentrout did not do that. 


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