Two Lies and a Spy


In the middle of a school day, Kari gets a code black text from her dad. She drops everything and picks up her little brother and takes him to join her parents at their meeting spot… only her parents never show up. So, enlisting the help of her two best friends, her crush and (unintentionally) his sister, and a snarky jerk (also unintentionally) she sets out on a mission to find her parents. 

Ok, so I won’t lie. It sounded pretty cheesy to me, but I decided to go ahead and give it a shot and I was not disappointed! 

Kat Carlton does a terrific job of taking what could have been a silly story and making it awesome instead. I liked Kari, she was smart and loyal and willing to do whatever it took to find her parents, I like to imagine that I would have had the same amount of guts if I was ever in such a situation. She wasn’t my favorite character of the novel though, that honor is bestowed equally upon Charlie, Kari’s adorable little brother and Evan the boy Kari can’t stand. Luke (the crush and very all-American boy) is great and all, but in this series I’m all about Evan. 

I loved the plot twist and that in this spy world, almost nothing was as it seemed. It made it nearly impossible to put the book down because I just had to stay up an read one more chapter. I just had to know what happened next! Of course then I finished the book and while Kat Carlton offered nice closure, I still want more! Oh-My-Gosh-I-Can’t-Wait-For-The-Next-Installment! 



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