Most Anticipated Monday.

It’s Monday… which is never a great day. I’ve spent most of my Monday trying to hang Christmas lights- only to later realize that we don’t have an outlet on our porch. So that’s something I’ll let my husband deal with when he gets home. I’m also actually not reading a book right now, so with my free time I decided to make a list of the books I’m most excited about.

Ok so I have a list a mile long of books I’m excited to read. Obviously I have to narrow is down. So these are my top picks, they aren’t really in any particular order because I’m pretty much equally excited for them all! 

  • Iniquity (Book 5 of The Premonition Series) By the amazing Amy Bartol
    Ok, so I know I said no particular order, but this one probably tops the list. I am so excited I could explode at any moment. Of course, I won’t because I need to stay fully intact to enjoy this book when it comes out. The premonition series is the very first paranormal romance book I ever picked up and it got me hooked. I am so in love with this series I can’t even describe it. I will seriously go into withdrawals when Ms. Bartol ends the stories. This one is expected to be released in early 2014 (per Amy Bartol’s website). So I’ll just be impatiently waiting to dive into the next installment of Evie’s story. 
  • King Cave (Book 2 in the Forever Evermore series) By the wonderful Scarlett Dawn
    If you read my review of King Hall, you might understand how excited I am for this sequel. If you read the book- which you certainly should have and if you haven’t do it now!- you probably share in my excitement. We’ll get to read the next part of Lily’s story in 44 days! (That’s Jan 1, 2014 for those of you have not  yet begun your countdown) And what better way to start the new year?! 
  • Push (The Game book 2) By Eve Silver
    This summer I read Rush and I have to say it was awesome. It was one of the most interesting concepts to me, so I had to pick up and I wasn’t at all disappointed. I loved the characters, the world everything. It’s was heartfelt, sad, funny and despite the plot being set in a world crazier than our own I thought it was relatable. The characters were very real. If Push is half as good as Rush I won’t be disappointed.This one’s got a bit of a wait on the release, June 10, 2014, but I’ve already got this badboy preordered and can’t wait to read it. 
  • Unfortunate Fairy Tale (Book 4) By Chanda Hahn
    This one doesn’t seem to have it’s own title yet and Ms. Hahn has promised to update us all as soon as she has more information including the release date. After I read the first and second books of this series based on a unique twist of the Brother’s Grimm tales, I was left thinking there was no way she could top it. I loved the first two and they were so great I was nervous the third would be a let down. It wasn’t. It was the best yet, so if she continues to follow this course, we can expect the next book to blow our minds! 
  • Breaking Nova 2 By Jessica Sorensen 
    Jessica Sorensen is one of those authors that I just know I love. She says she’s got a book coming out and I mark the release date on my calendar/preorder it, because I know I’ll enjoy it. I originally fell in love with her paranormals and though I wish she would write more, I love her contemporaries too. Breaking Nova was such a good story but was left unresolved and so I need to know what happens next and on February 4 I’ll find out! 

So I guess those would be my top five. But goodness I’m excited about so many more, all of which you’ll hear about as I finally get to read them. 


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