First Kiss


Read the blurb from Amazon. This book is great. 

Be prepared to be wowed as this YA fairytale takes on forms you can’t even imagine and pulls you into the roughest ride yet from the bizarre imagination of Tara Brown!

Erralynn Lake is not your average girl.
She has talent, beauty, a kind nature, and a sweet disposition.
But that’s not who Erralynn Lake is.
Who she is can be summed up in one word-cursed.
The Lake’s of Lakeland are not only famous for founding the small town, but also killing off any man who would dare love them.
When summer break hits and the town starts to fill with all the returning friends who had left for college, she believes it will be a great summer vacation. One filled with the possibility of love, even if it is at a distance.
But she couldn’t be more wrong.
Because as the unlikely cold wind blew into town, it brought with it something wicked.
I’ll admit, it seemed maybe a little silly to me at first, but I really loved Tara Brown’s Born Trilogy so I decided to give First Kiss a chance. I am so glad I did. 
This book is great and fantastic and a totally fun read. It’s a roller coaster of emotions trying to figure out who is good or evil and what the heck is really happening. Needless to say, I spent most of the book somewhere between mildly and completely confused… but I loved it.
I really, really enjoyed reading this (possibly more than the Born Trilogy… so a lot!!!) and would recommend it to anyone. 
So now I have one more sequel that I’m completely impatiently waiting for. I can’t wait to see where the rest of this series goes and what other fairytales we may see Tara Brown pay homage to. 

COVER REVEAL!!!! Under Different Stars

The amazing, lovely, wonderful Amy A. Bartol, who I may or may not have a total girl crush on has written a new book! Under Different Stars won’t be released until December 17, but you can and should preorder it now! So without further ado, I present to you the Under Different Stars cover! (I know totally breathtakingly beautiful- as if I wasn’t excited enough for this book!) And we get a teaser too!! AHHHHH.

Under Different Stars_book cover


 All she wants is a home, but can she find one…UNDER DIFFERENT STARS

 Kricket Hollowell is normally not one to wish upon stars; she believes they’re rarely in her favor. Well versed at dodging caseworkers from Chicago’s foster care system, the past few years on her own have made Kricket an expert at the art of survival and blending in. With her 18th birthday fast approaching, she dreams of the day when she can stop running and find what her heart needs most: a home.

Trey Allairis hates Earth and doubts that anyone from his world can thrive here. What he’s learning of Kricket and her existence away from her true home only confirms his theory. But, when he and Kricket lie together under the stars of Ethar, counting them all may be easier than letting her go.

Kyon Ensin’s secrets number the stars; he knows more about Kricket’s gifts than anyone and plans to possess her because of them. He also knows she’s more valuable than any fire in the night sky. He’ll move the heavens and align them all in order to make her his own.

When everything in their world can be broken, will Kricket rely upon love to save her under different stars?


I glance at Trey; he looks like an advertisement for Calvin Klein. Wearing only dark, athletic boxers, he’s something out of a catalog or a warrior movie. Blushing deeply, I want to crawl under the rock I’m on. “Wade into the water together. We should tie you two so that you’re face-to-face with both your heads above the water,” Jax says. Trey nods, extending his hand for me to take.
Avoiding looking at him, I stand up, walking to the water’s edge on my own. Dipping my toes in the water, I pull them back sharply. “It’s freezing!” I glower at them, hearing my voice echo off the walls again.
“It is,” Trey agrees, scooping me up in his arms and wading out quickly into the water before I can object further. When he is chest deep, he says softly in my ear, “Breathe.”
Clinging to him tightly with my arms around his neck, I inhale deeply before muttering, “Shh…you’re interrupting my revenge plotting.”
“If you survive this, I’ll insist that you learn to swim,” he says, sounding annoyed as Jax wades to us with a line, circling us.
“If I survive this, I’m killing you,” I reply dryly, feeling the rope tense, drawing me tighter against Trey’s warm body.
A small smile touches his lips at my comment. “How do you propose to do that?” He gazes into my eyes as Jax knots us together.
“I’ll let you spend some sleepless nights worrying about that,” I reply, my teeth beginning to chatter as the cold water is chilling me to the bone.

AUTHOR: Amy A. Bartol | GENRE: YA Dystopian
RELEASE DATE: December 17, 2013
Smashwords pre-order link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/380123





I live in Michigan with my husband and our two sons. My family is very supportive of my writing. When I’m writing, they often bring me the take-out menu so that I can call and order them dinner. They listen patiently when I talk about my characters like they’re  real. They rarely roll their eyes when I tell them I’ll only be a second while I finish writing a chapter…and then they take off their coats. They ask me how the story is going when I surface after living for hours in a world of my own making. They have learned to accept my “writing uniform” consisting of a slightly unflattering pink fleece jacket, t-shirt, and black yoga pants. And they smile at my nerdy bookishness whenever I try to explain urban fantasy to them. In short, they get me, so they are perfect and I am



December Releases!

December Releases!

And this isn’t even all of it!
We got Under Different Stars, The Ever After of Ella and Micha and more… Let’s face it, December is just going to be one kick ass month for books!

Also, get ready because tomorrow morning I’ll be part of the cover reveal for Under Different Stars by Amy A Bartol! It is seriously awesome, and there may a bit of a teaser along with the cover!


Stargazing From Nowhere

Can I just take a moment to express how much I love this title! And the cover. It’s beautiful and perfect and I know you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover but let’s be real, everyone does it. Why else would authors put so much effort into a good cover.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00044]See? Beautiful.

The story is quite cute. Blogger Kristen isn’t afraid to tell her truth in her anonymous blog, so when the band Rising Tide- who she used to love and now hates- comes to her tiny town she makes it her mission to get all the juicy details online. She doesn’t count on the total hottie drummer being so darn loveable.
Kristen is sweet and a little obsessive, but hey at fifteen weren’t we all? She’s likable enough, but doesn’t stand out in a world filled will strong female leads. Michael is the good looking drummer boy who makes Kristen act goofy and lose sight of her original intentions to infiltrate the band for information to share with her blog.
The book seemed a little lacking, while I thought the idea was really cute the execution fell short. I think if you’re between the ages of 11-14 this book is totally worth the read. Even if you’re older and you’re looking for a simple light fun read with a charming rockstar boyfriend, this is the book for you.



Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Since I’ve reached my book spending quota for the month, I don’t have any books to talk about. Boo! I figured I’d just talk about how excited I am for Hunger Games: Catching Fire. 
Answer? I’m extremely freaking excited! Like WHOA! I might die of anticipation if I don’t see it soon! 
I am a die hard fan, who unfortunately has not yet seen the movie. I know, I know it’s been out since Thursday and I still haven’t seen it yet, what’s wrong with me? 
I’m a fool, that’s what’s wrong with me. See for my birthday (which is tomorrow :]]]) my husband bought me a plane ticket home to see my mom. So me and my mom decided we would go see it together in a couple weeks when I come to visit. Now, I would be all for seeing it twice, but I decided against it since my husband isn’t all that excited (I know… sometimes I question my life choices. If he wasn’t so sweet and I didn’t love him so much, not being a Hunger Games fan would be a deal breaker) and babysitters are stupid expensive– also the last one we used, which was our very first time using a babysitter, she put his bedtime diaper on backwards and it leaked, like crazy! 
Well, on the bright side, I can reread the books on my flight and have it fresh in my mind for when I see the movie. :] 


Sentinel (The Covenant Series)

If you haven’t picked up the Covenant Series by Jennifer Armentrout, you’re missing out. Like major! And hey, if you start now you can read all the books back to back and not experience the excruciating wait between books. If you haven’t read up until now, you shouldn’t read this, I don’t want to spoil the first 6 books for you. 

Last we saw Alex she was getting the ever-loving crap beaten out of her and then getting her ass saved by Apollo and his son on Mt Olympus. So Sentinel begins pretty much right where Apollyon left off. There’s a lot of action (I don’t mean all fight scene, though there’s plenty of that. But a lot happens throughout this book.) and I honestly can’t remember a dull moment. 
Aiden is a huge part of this book, because how could he not be? I still love him, again, how could I not? What I really love though is that the relationship between Alex and Aiden has really seemed to mature. They have a mutual respect and adoration for each other and seem to have less childish or selfish motives between them. 
All our favorites are back, but since the story moves at kind of a fast pace, we don’t get to see too much of Deacon and Alex’s uncle or rest of their friends. If I’m being honest, I missed them, but I didn’t feel like their lack of scenes took away from the book. Seth is back too and claiming to be a changed man. I love Seth, he has major issues and I never thought he was right for Alex, but he’s a great character and he definitely had a chance to prove himself in this novel. 
Overall, it was a great addition to series and I thought, a great way to end it. We’ve all read series that we love the whole way through and then the last book, or even just the last couple chapters ruin everything. Jennifer Armentrout did not do that. 


Most Anticipated Monday.

It’s Monday… which is never a great day. I’ve spent most of my Monday trying to hang Christmas lights- only to later realize that we don’t have an outlet on our porch. So that’s something I’ll let my husband deal with when he gets home. I’m also actually not reading a book right now, so with my free time I decided to make a list of the books I’m most excited about.

Ok so I have a list a mile long of books I’m excited to read. Obviously I have to narrow is down. So these are my top picks, they aren’t really in any particular order because I’m pretty much equally excited for them all! 

  • Iniquity (Book 5 of The Premonition Series) By the amazing Amy Bartol
    Ok, so I know I said no particular order, but this one probably tops the list. I am so excited I could explode at any moment. Of course, I won’t because I need to stay fully intact to enjoy this book when it comes out. The premonition series is the very first paranormal romance book I ever picked up and it got me hooked. I am so in love with this series I can’t even describe it. I will seriously go into withdrawals when Ms. Bartol ends the stories. This one is expected to be released in early 2014 (per Amy Bartol’s website). So I’ll just be impatiently waiting to dive into the next installment of Evie’s story. 
  • King Cave (Book 2 in the Forever Evermore series) By the wonderful Scarlett Dawn
    If you read my review of King Hall, you might understand how excited I am for this sequel. If you read the book- which you certainly should have and if you haven’t do it now!- you probably share in my excitement. We’ll get to read the next part of Lily’s story in 44 days! (That’s Jan 1, 2014 for those of you have not  yet begun your countdown) And what better way to start the new year?! 
  • Push (The Game book 2) By Eve Silver
    This summer I read Rush and I have to say it was awesome. It was one of the most interesting concepts to me, so I had to pick up and I wasn’t at all disappointed. I loved the characters, the world everything. It’s was heartfelt, sad, funny and despite the plot being set in a world crazier than our own I thought it was relatable. The characters were very real. If Push is half as good as Rush I won’t be disappointed.This one’s got a bit of a wait on the release, June 10, 2014, but I’ve already got this badboy preordered and can’t wait to read it. 
  • Unfortunate Fairy Tale (Book 4) By Chanda Hahn
    This one doesn’t seem to have it’s own title yet and Ms. Hahn has promised to update us all as soon as she has more information including the release date. After I read the first and second books of this series based on a unique twist of the Brother’s Grimm tales, I was left thinking there was no way she could top it. I loved the first two and they were so great I was nervous the third would be a let down. It wasn’t. It was the best yet, so if she continues to follow this course, we can expect the next book to blow our minds! 
  • Breaking Nova 2 By Jessica Sorensen 
    Jessica Sorensen is one of those authors that I just know I love. She says she’s got a book coming out and I mark the release date on my calendar/preorder it, because I know I’ll enjoy it. I originally fell in love with her paranormals and though I wish she would write more, I love her contemporaries too. Breaking Nova was such a good story but was left unresolved and so I need to know what happens next and on February 4 I’ll find out! 

So I guess those would be my top five. But goodness I’m excited about so many more, all of which you’ll hear about as I finally get to read them.